Environmentalist’s Vile, Racist Attack on the Poor of Africa and India

Hundreds of millions of the world’s poor are being targeted by environmentalist groups, like Greenpeace. The impoverished are being forced to live their lives out in extreme poverty, instead of being able to develop as we in the West did, using fossil fuels.

In this video, a video blogger reveals the vicious attack on the part of environmentalists seeking to shut down the Carmichael coal mine located in Australia. When finished, the mine can provide coal to power plants that provide much needed electric power to poor areas in India and Africa.

He also exposes the green sources funding the disgusting, bigoted legal and terrorist attacks who seek to keep Africa and India in poverty.

When all is said and done, the people involved in the green organizations and politicians opposed to the Carmichael mine will go back to their nice, comfortable, homes who get their energy from fossil fuel powered utility plants, complete with all of their luxuries. Meantime, the average and poor Indian and African suffers because of their efforts.

It is a lot easier to oppose energy production and productivity when you have a lot of money and think you can tell other people how to live. Besides, what do the lives of a few under class, colored people in developing countries matter to environmentalists anyway?