Environmentalists Use Sage Grouse to Shut Down Oil Drilling

Two lawsuits filed by environmentalist groups seek to halt drilling for oil and gas on public lands. According to The Washington Times, groups such as the Center for Biological Diversity and the National Resource Defense Council contend that the Trump Administration violated a 2015 agreement made with the Interior Secretary that certain areas of certain states would be kept off limits in order to protect the Gunnison sage grouse bird.

The 2015 agreement was a compromise environmentalists struck with the Obama Administration which avoided giving the sage grouse endangered species status. The environmentalist groups engaged in the litigation state the accord had numerous loopholes and even resulted in disagreement among green groups.

The organizations also state the Trump Administration was going to violate the agreement by allowing drilling on lands deemed off limits to protect the sage grouse that makes up at least 10 western states in the US. Other than Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke stating he wants to liberalize the permitting process to allow oil drilling, so far. the Trump Administration has not commented on the suits.

Ultimately the Gunnison sage grouse is being weaponized by environmentalists to halt oil drilling since they are united in their opposition to mankind drilling for oil that can be used for supplying American energy needs. Environmentalists know that access to cheap, affordable energy is the basis of our civilization and supplies people in developed countries with the luxuries we enjoy. That is all the more reason for greens to oppose it since they hate the idea of people bending nature to not only live but flourish too.