Environmentalists Panicked Over Sea Faring Russian Nuclear Reactor

A Russian sea-bound nuclear power plant that was launched from St. Petersburg has panicked environmentalists. The UK Telegraph reveals that the Akademik Lomonosov is part of a campaign to provide energy for remote sea-side Russian settlements such as the country’s Pacific peninsular Kamachatka.

Despite Russia’s long, safe use of nuclear powered sea vessels, (not surprisingly) Greenpeace has seen it fit to dub the Lomonsov a floating Chernobyl and a nuclear Titanic. Despite environmentalist opposition, the UK Telegraph states Russia’s nuclear power provider, Rosatom, brushes off their criticisms stating extensive precautions are in place that make the Lomonsov safe.

Nuclear power is one of the cleanest, lowest carbon emitting power sources. It is completely safe and can provide years of power at little cost. Despite this, groups (like Greenpeace) oppose nuclear power plants because greens would rather humans suffer and die living in primitive conditions, rather prosper and live.