“Infinity War” Villain, Thanos, is an Environmentalist

A pleasantly surprising description of the new Avengers: Infinity War movie from Reason:

Thanos, the villain in Infinity War, believes that there are finite resources in the universe—an appropriately illiterate idea, considering that the universe is infinite. Thus, if population growth is left unchecked, rising demand for resources will inevitably bring ruin to everyone. Halving the population of the universe is, in Thanos’ mind, “not suffering, but salvation,” for it is intended to avoid famine and poverty. The premise is misguided, but what is striking is the number of people here on earth that share it.

Thanos’ concerns are identical to those of Stanford professor Paul Ehrlich, who in his influential 1968 bestseller The Population Bomb predicted that rapid population growth would lead demand on the earth’s finite resources to outstrip supply, resulting in the breakdown of society. To this day Ehrlich continues to make doomsday predictions, and to this day reality continues to prove him wrong, writes Alexander C.R. Hammond.

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What Thanos is doing is very much in canon as his character has held these views since the 1990’s. Many environmentalists are proponents of population control, despite the fact that humans are part of the environment.

Like animals, humans are carbon-based life forms but we differ from animals due to our ability to think and reason. Like the first Kingsman before it, Infinity War is a much needed reminder of what the environmentalists’ true intent is: to rid the Earth of the cancerous presence of mankind. You notice none of them want to be the ones to lead by example?