UT Animal “Rights” Criminals Charged in “Compassionate” Theft of Turkey

Six animal rights criminals have been charged with breaking and entering into a Moroni, Utah turkey plant and for stealing one of the facility’s birds during January.

KSL reports thieves with the group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) had charges filed against them by the Sanpete County Attorney’s Office on Wednesday. The group based its actions on a video they released during November that allegedly shows the terrible conditions birds are housed in on the farm. Consequently, the hoodlums decided to act and took a young, ill turkey named Abby to a veterinarian.

Not surprisingly, the DxE crooks claim they are being persecuted due to their act of compassion for a dying bird. In reality, they are (most likely) guilty of burglary and theft of private property.

Fortunately, the idiots with DxE were stupid enough to get caught and, hopefully, they will spend some time in jail and compensate the farm owner for their theft. The group continues to show the kind of nihilists they are and are typical of the animal rights movement. They hope their attacks, harass or steal in hopes of undermining turkey farms and other food-related establishments will lead to more human deaths by hunger and starvation.