The Coming “Nature Rights” Threat

Environmentalism is no longer about conservation or protecting endangered species. For at least a decade, environmentalist groups have become increasingly radical and explicitly anti-human. Whatever implicit, anti-human sentiments environmentalists may have harbored, greens are now more open about their hatred of mankind, and it has intensified since the American public turned against the Left.

This mindset is taking root in the nature rights wing of the green movement. The faction seeks to enshrine legal recognition for forms of nature. Such legal acceptance would allow anyone who believes any type of building construction would impede or destroy nature’s vital cycles and processes. This, in turn, would bring not only certain types of economic development but capitalism in general to a standstill.

Cities in Pennsylvania have resorted to classifying forms of nature under their jurisdiction with legal personhood status. However, in Pennsylvania’s case, despite the fact that legal personhood for forms of nature is being pitched as a way to prevent the spread of fracking, the precedent is set sanctioning the nature rights campaign’s dogma.

Colorado seems to be the focus of the nature rights effort. A lawsuit was filed last year to have the Colorado River given personhood status. Despite the lawsuit being withdrawn, the litigants will be back, which is made clear by an article published in Denver’s 5280 magazine:

We’re talking about a 20- to 30-year time frame here,” says Thomas Linzey, executive director of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. To affect policy, “you need 100, 200, 300 court cases [such as Colorado River v. Colorado]. You gotta draw the conflict in enough places to force that up the ladder.

What these extremists really mean is they will keep suing until they get their way. Gang green will divert vital judicial resources until they find that one judge who will rubber stamp their agenda. As the recent court rulings against President Trump’s travel bans demonstrate, it’s worked many times before.

Hopefully, courts will turn away or dismiss torts attempting to assign forms of nature legal rights. The way to stop this would be to call your local, state and federal representatives and urge them to enact bans on animals, geological features, and other forms of nature from possessing legal rights or being granted any legal standing in court. The threat is real and the time to halt the nature rights movement is now, while the effort is still in its infancy.