If You’re An Environmentalist, It Helps To Be a Scumbag

A very insightful essay written by UK Telegraph columnist James Delingpole. In it he points out that if someone is an environmentalist (or on the Left in general), they can expect to be given a pass on their awful behavior since they are members of the Church of the Left. Delingpole states:

“The latest to be exposed is, of course, New York’s ex- Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

When Schneiderman wasn’t busy – allegedly – choking, beating and threatening women, he was busy bullying the people he calls “climate deniers”.

Here he is on a video in 2014 declaring that “climate deniers have no place in public life.”

He was also one of the lead instigators of a scheme by liberal Attorneys General to use lawfare to harass fossil fuel companies such as Peabody Energy and Exxon Mobil. In 2016, he hosted 16 fellow Democrat AGs and former Vice President Al Gore to launch a coalition called AGs United for Clean Power.

With gridlock and dysfunction gripping Washington, it is up to the states to lead on the generation-defining issue of climate change. We stand ready to defend the next president’s climate change agenda, and vow to fight any efforts to roll-back the meaningful progress we’ve made over the past eight years,” said Attorney General Schneiderman. “Our offices are seriously examining the potential of working together on high-impact, state-level initiatives, such as investigations into whether fossil fuel companies have misled investors about how climate change impacts their investments and business decisions.

My, how the wheel of fortune has turned since!

Schneiderman’s departure from the scene represents a major blow for the Climate Industrial Complex and its efforts to undermine the Trump administration’s environmental and energy reforms. The jubilation among skeptics has been unconfined, as E & E News reports:

A lot of climate skeptics are smiling at his downfall because he was an out-of-control, really wacky guy who held a lot of power,” said Marc Morano, who runs the blog Climate Depot.

Morano and his allies have been especially disdainful of the legal attempts Schneiderman led to hold Exxon Mobil Corp. and other oil companies accountable for global warming, calling him “the ultimate shakedown artist.”

“Let’s take a moment to pause and take a look at the strategy of blaming energy companies for bad weather,” Morano said. He added that Schneiderman’s resignation and quick disappearance from the public scene will force climate activists to reconsider their approach.

“He was the lightning rod,” he said. “He was the instigator. It definitely limits the movement when you take out the lead guy.

Yup. But we still haven’t answered the question: why is it that so many prominent environmental campaigners turn out to be such reptiles?”

You can find out by reading the rest of Delingpole’s column here.

Delingpole lists three examples of Leftist politicians who have been known to conduct activities of harassing or degrading women. Yet it is months or even years if any of them are ever held accountable.

Mistreatment of women is one of the unwritten benefits in Leftist culture. If someone is a high profile politician (like Eric Schneiderman) or high dollar donor (like Harvey Weinstein) then they have license to mistreat as many women as they want since the ladies are sacrificing for the cause and their status is equal to that of cattle. To the Left, any abuse of women (or even kids) is collateral damage since it is all for the greater good.

However, if one of the family screws up, all they need do is champion green or other Leftist causes and it will be enough for them to earn enough public brownie points to where said individual can be redeemed. The person in question’s activism (i.e. virtue signalling) is some sort of penance and, in the end, they are then forgiven of their sin(s).