Environmentalists Trash LA. Pipeline Equipment

Construction equipment owned by the company constructing the Bayou Bridge pipeline in Louisiana has been vandalized in which the cost estimates total about $50,000. The pipeline company blames environmentalists for the sabotage.

According to the Associated Press, the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office states that, while the pipeline itself was undamaged, hydraulic hoses and electrical lines were cut, windows were broken, and messages were spray-painted on backhoes and bulldozers.

When completed, the pipeline will carry crude oil between Lake Charles and St. James Parishes. Environmentalists, on the other hand, have angrily criticized the pipeline alleging that its construction has already ravaged wetlands and can endanger groundwater if it leaks.

The benefits of using pipelines to transport crude oil and natural gas far outweigh the drawbacks, but environmentalists oppose them because they want to force mankind off of using fossil fuels to provide for our energy needs. Do away with or stop using pipelines, and oil and gas is shipped by ship, truck or train which result in more carbon emissions. Then environmentalists will call for more restrictions on those transportation methods sue to heightened human activity.

Environmentalists are not concerned about climate change or even the natural environment because what they ultimately want is political control over others and our way of life. Organizations, like the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, oppose construction of pipelines because it one more manner that they cannot take control of. Not only does opposing pipelines give them more political ammunition with other transportation methods for oil but also because environmentalists are anti-progress and anti-civilization. The only thing leaking are the brains from their near-empty skulls.