Martinez, CA BBQ Competition Turns Violent

14 bullies with the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) decided to make trouble at a Martinez, California barbecue competition Sunday. According to KRON, when the winners of the competition were being announced, the DxE thugs took to the stage in order to lecture the audience about animal rights.

Then the crowd got angry. The DxE hoodlums then alleged that they were shoved, assaulted, and even yelled at. They portrayed themselves as innocent victims, but if one knows how DxE operates, it is more like they probably instigated the events that lead up to the violence.

Direct Action Everywhere was made out to be victims by KRON, but in many cases where they have been in contact with people who use or even eat animals, DxE activists have conducted themselves like outright thugs. To understand the kind of belligerent tactics DxE uses, below is a video of an incident that occurred in St. Petersburg, Florida last year over a man who caught a tilapia at a local park.