Studies: Fracking Not Affecting Drinking Water

A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveals that methane increases were due to natural variability and not drilling. According to the Associated Press, manuscript is one of many scientific examinations coming out showing that drinking water around natural gas fracking sites in Pennsylvania are not contaminated.

While some older research determined contamination of water was due to imperfect gas wells and not fracking, even more recent research shows fracking is not contaminating ground water. One other study out of Penn State University that was based on data from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection demonstrated that water quality was unchanged or enhanced when calculating barium arsenic and iron.

Carnegie Mellon University engineering professor, Allen Robinson, told the AP by email that, while he questioned the area where the study’s researchers focused on (Bradford County in the Northern Tier) and that might have warped the results, overall he was sure the data demonstrated a groundwater contamination crisis is non-existent.

Since Pennsylvania is the state with the second largest market for natural gas development occurs, this is good news, not just for Pennsylvanians, but for other natural gas producing states too (like Texas). No doubt many more media outlets will under report this story and, unfortunately, many gullible people will believe the conspiracy theories environmentalists have spun surrounding fracking.

Developed countries are wealthy and prosperous thanks to out usage of fossil fuels. Banning fracking make using them more expensive down the line in order to deprive mankind of the luxuries and prosperity we enjoy.