It’s Stuck! Iceberg #a68 is Trapped In Dense Ice

Almost one year ago, a major media story was reported that a trillion ton iceberg broke off from Antarctica. The iceberg reportedly weighs over a trillion tons, is the size of Delaware, and was dubbed A-68 by NASA. Almost immediately, many mainstream media outlets, like CNN, attempted to tie the event to climate change with some outlets going so far as to say that the iceberg melting somehow would contribute to sea level rise.

Forward to today and, as it turns out, not only is most of the iceberg intact, the UK Daily Mail reports that, despite its reported slow drift north, the iceberg is trapped by dense ice off the coast of Antarctica. In a statement by Project MIDAS that has been monitoring the iceberg, the group states:

The iceberg has been pushed around by ocean currents, tides and winds, and its northern end has repeatedly been grounded in shallower water near Bawden Ice Rise. These groundings led eventually to further pieces of the iceberg being shattered off in May 2018.

For the most part, A-68 has remained largely intact and what is ironic is that dense ice is what is holding up the iceberg from going north as was originally thought. Icebergs breaking off of Antarctica occur all of the time and it is not a recent phenomenon, nor are recent events the result of climate change. When A-68 broke off, many scientists were quoted saying that it was premature to say the iceberg breaking off was caused by global warming, while some state there was no evidence linking the event to climate change.

The mainstream media acts as a public relations firm for Leftist causes, especially environmentalism. There were numerous attempts by CNN and other news outlets got high on their own crack trying to make iceberg A-68’s break from Antarctica as an event caused by human-induced climate change. Thankfully, this claim has been revealed to be the fraud that it is, and the media sources that reported it end up further discredited.