NYT: Climate Change Isn’t Responsible For Thailand Floods But ….

Twelve 11 to 16 year old boys who are members of a junior football team and their 25 year old assistant coach have finally been rescued from Tam Luang Cave in Chang Rai Province, Thailand after being trapped in it resulting from flooding due to torrential rains that took place.

Despite the overall success, it has not prevented The New York Times from seeking to take advantage of the publicity surrounding the event in order to make the case for climate change. Despite stating No one is suggesting that climate change itself was responsible for trapping the boys in the cave, that is exactly what the Grey Lady’s news story implies. From the article:

The alternating dry and wet periods are called the intraseasonal oscillation, said Arnold L. Gordon, a professor of earth and environmental sciences at Columbia University. That variation has always happened, unrelated to climate change. But what has changed in recent years is that those wet periods have been wetter.

“It’s likely climate change, in the sense that there’s more moisture in the air,” Dr. Gordon said. Warmer air can hold more moisture, and “when the air has more moisture in it, you would get wetter wet bands and drier dry bands,” he said.

Obviously upon hearing about this claim, meteorologist Joe Bastardi dismissed it in in a tweet he posted today on his Twitter page. Bastardi stated that the last 5 years have been normal to below average rainfall in Thailand and that the claim that climate change contributed to entrapping the twelve boys is ignorant or deceptive or both.

Climate alarmists, environmentalists and their lapdogs in the mainstream media never pass up an opportunity to fabricate stories in order to propagandize for their causes.