Update on vegan woman who wants meat eaters dead

The UK Daily Mail picked up on and reported about the controversy surrounding the Australian woman who posted a video earlier this month (posted below) saying that meat eaters don’t deserve to live. The woman is 35-year old Leanne Ratcliffe who hails from Adelaide, South Australia and goes by Freelee the Banana Girl. Not surprisingly, not only is Ratcliffe a vegan she is also an animal rights advocate.

According to the Daily Mail, Ratcliffe has her own YouTube video channel and advocates for a raw until four diet that involves no cooked meals until the evening coupled with low processed food, low fat and law carbohydrate diet. About mid-May she took her views to their irrational and illogical conclusion posting a video on her YouTube channel ridiculing people who continue to eat meat and dairy along with stating that meat eaters (including her family members) don’t deserve to live. As far as I can tell, she has not apologized nor retracted her statement.

I am sure what Leanne Ratcliffe says is on the minds of a lot of animal rights proponents. Environmentalists in general value nature for nature’s sake and there is an emotional bond they make with the animal kingdom once they integrate animal rights or environmentalist philosophy into their minds. Like I have said before, individual rights are ethical principles drawn from reality that are applicable to beings with the capacity of deliberation and choice. The only beings with these capabilities are humans since human beings are the only species able to make informed choices and negotiate with people in order to trade or settle disputes. Animals, on the other hand, survive primarily by predatory instincts and lack the cognitive capabilities humans have including our sense of morality.

In the case of Leanne Ratcliffe, her statement is indicative not only as to how she has allowed herself to drink from the animal rights Kool Aid but the cognitive disconnect that goes along with it. In order for her to be successful, she earns value by trading her thoughts and ideas on diet and health to an interested audience while earning money and gaining publicity from sponsors that help pay for her videos. Now, with Ratcliffe advocating death for meat eaters, she has condemned not only her audience’s diet choices but even her family and audience’s lives despite the fact that the very animals she champions could care less about Leanne Ratcliffe’s existence. Leanne Ratcliffe’s vile statement is a prime example of animal rights philosophy and the movement itself. Animal rights ethics are grounded in the savagery of the animal kingdom as opposed to the civilization of man.

4 thoughts on “Update on vegan woman who wants meat eaters dead

  1. I wonder what her views are on attention seekers?

    Also is she aware that a successful culling of the meat eating population would lead to mass deaths throughout the animal kingdom, much of it slow and lingering?

    Is she aware that not all humans fair so well on fruit smoothies. And the comfortable lifestyle she enjoys is the result of infrastructure which is built and maintained by men who will mostly be meat eaters. Does she do manual labour to earn a living? Judging by those thin arms I am guessing not. This mass culling could result in a significant lowering of her living standards and I’m not sure how well she would to cope with that.

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  2. Her eccentric views are not representative of the vegan ethos. (I have already ridiculed her diet on my own blog). It sounds like she is trying to be as ‘controversial’ as Morrissey and the Daily Mail has given her the publicity to be. The broader notion that vegan equals ‘eco-warrior’ is another incorrect stereotype.

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    • Thanks for clarifying. The main thrust of my post was to not only condemn her condemnation of meat eaters but also her advocacy of animal “rights”. Regardless or her intentions her irrational rant is grounded in her acceptance of sacrificing mankind to nature. In this case animals.


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