Sierra Club Accused of Lying About Drilling Near Colorado National Park

The Sierra Club is actively campaigning against the sale of drilling leases in Colorado issued by the US Interior Department to allow oil and gas companies to drill for fossil fuels in areas located near the Great Sand Dunes National Park which is located in the south-central part of the state.

According to The Daily Caller, the green group made a map for park visitors that points out that their ability to view certain areas of the park would be hindered if drilling at certain locations were to take place. However, even the Sierra Club admits that none of the land bodies considered for lease are in the Grand Sand Dunes park. However, the green group claims they are close enough to not only affect views but also do harm to the surrounding environment.

The Sierra Club’s activities were enough to where former Obama Interior Secretary Ken Salazar openly blasted their claims saying:

“I oppose drilling within the Great Sand Dunes National Park. But if you’re from the valley like I am, you know that to get to the place that is potentially going to be [developed] … it’s way on the other side of the mountains,” Salazar said, describing the natural barriers between the park and the land parcels under review to be leased, according to Western Wire.

“And yet, somehow, if you look at the media reports, it’s about drilling within the Great Sand Dunes National Park. It is not,” Salazar continued.

In addition to the Sierra Club’s campaign, another group of environmentalists are working to get a question on Colorado’s November ballot that will, if enacted, ban the use of fracking in the state. If it passes, it would cost the state billions of dollars in tax revenue and thousands of people who could not work resulting from lost jobs due to the drilling method being outlawed.

The Sierra Club is clearly lying in order to advance their anti-fossil fuel agenda. Since environmentalists cannot make their case or convince people logically, they resort to misrepresenting the truth and resort to outlawing hydraulic fracturing in order to halt the extraction of fossil fuels.