UK Badger Activists Publish Cull Leaders Addresses

A spike in Great Britain’s badger population has prompted culls of the creatures, especially in light of a Bovine tuberculosis outbreak among the country’s badger species.

Animal rights groups attempted to halt the hunts by taking the British government to court arguing that the culls made the TB outbreaks worse, but the courts ruled against them. Instead of admitting defeat, one opposition group named Stop the Cull took it upon itself to publish the names, addresses and phone numbers of farmers it believes are involved in the event.

According to The Times of London, Stop the Cull has urged direct action against the farmers but has denied that doing so could lead to violence and intimidation. This despite the fact that the organization is headed by Jay Tiernan who, quoting from The Times: has convictions for offences including breaching an injunction designed to protect badger cull farmers and their families from harassment and also convictions for aggravated trespass and criminal damage during animal liberation activities.

Fortunately and so far, there has not been any violence conducted since the farmer’s personal information has been released. Tiernan admits to some level of intimidation on the part of his group’s members in the past, but assures people there is no need for people to fear for their safety since he claims his group has discouraged their members from intimidating them.

Attempting to intimidate is exactly the intention of Stop the Cull publishing the corporate executive personal information. Since the animal rights groups seeking to halt the badger cull couldn’t win legally, they would resort instead to force. Also, by default, Stop the Cull obviously supports people being infected with the tuberculosis that is running rampant among the badgers. It is clear this is a move by animal rights savages to try to kill off more humans since by allowing the badger population to group increases the likelihood of humans being infected by bovine tuberculosis.

Does Jay Tiernan, who has a history of intimidation and violence, really think the farmers in question are that stupid that they won’t worry about their safety after his organization releases their personal information to the public? If there is nothing to worry about, how about Tiernan and his band of goons release their personal information on the internet as a gesture of goodwill? That will prove how right they are and make everything all better, won’t it?

PHOTO CREDIT: By BadgerHero – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,