Court Postpones Wyoming-Idaho Grizzly Bear Hunt

Despite being de-listed from the Endangered Species List by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 2017, and its population growing almost sixfold after 42 years, a federal court has delayed a grizzly bear hunt that was to take place in Wyoming and Idaho Saturday.

According to The Daily Caller, environmentalist and native Indian groups brought the lawsuits objecting to the de-listing of the bears saying it was done inappropriately. The hunts were enacted as part of a means of being able to manage the grizzly population, already bears are wandering into communities where people live. Quoting The Daily Caller:

The grizzlies have also expanded onto ranches and farms, killing livestock and threatening the livelihood of rural agriculturists. Mary Thoman gave up her family’s historic sheep ranching land after losses from bears made the ranch too costly to maintain, according to the Mountain States Legal Foundation, which has joined the case on behalf of Thoman in support of the grizzly hunting season.

Environmentalists envision a nature-based army of animal predators eventually overwhelming mankind to the point where humans starve due to lack of food or are killed by animals while out in the wilderness. Increased human contact is exactly what environmentalists and their native Indian tribes want. What better way to kill productive, wealthy human beings than to have them be subjected to grizzly bear attacks?