New Book Romanticizes Environmentalist Terrorism

Since the political Left lost the 2016 election and the cultural tide has turned against them, the groundwork maybe being laid now for them to engage in full fledged violence. On the environmentalist side, the activities seem to have drawn down somewhat but it may just be calm before the storm.

Since 2012, the Left and news media has been making the case that it maybe too late to stop climate change. Last year, one pro-climate change publication made the case that mankind only has three years left before we have reached the point of no return.

With this in mind and The Washington Post‘s declaration, it is small wonder that Abby Geni’s new book The Wildlands is released. With two years before the 2020 election and when (not if) Donald Trump is re-elected to the Presidency, environmentalists with groups, like Greenpeace and the Sierra Club, will need something to inspire them to act.

In These Times published a review of Geni’s screed and it literally is a book romanticizing environmentalist terrorism where a young man becomes an animal rights terrorist. From the review:

Six years after their mother’s death, the McCloud siblings lose their home, farm animals and father to a tornado that rips through the small town of Mercy, Okla. Eighteen-year-old Darlene and 17-year-old Tucker agree to raise their two younger sisters themselves. But for Tucker, the tornado has triggered a moral crisis: The destruction of his home becomes a metaphor for the impact of industry on the animal world. He runs away, joins a radical green group and soon has a rap sheet including vandalism, arson and a slaughterhouse bombing. Three years later, he returns and invites his 9-year-old sister, Cora, to join him.

The book also demonizes zoos and makes animals out to be noble creatures, seeks to humanize terrorists by trying to humanize or make sense of terrorists (as if they have legitimate claims about industrialization or human advancement), and the book is wrapped up as being an existential battle for the future of life, seen through the eyes of a child. It’s obvious the author wants to revive the idea of Edward Abbey’s The Monkeywrench Gang which was the inspiration for the ecoterrorist group EarthFirst!

With the upcoming elections, and with the Left continuing to lost in the political and legal fronts, the Left is poised to conduct an outbreak of violence should their loses continue to accumulate. Environmentalists would have an even larger reason to remove all legal and moral restraints since their efforts to halt climate change and stop using animals for food and other purposes are being defeated.

The amount of damage environmentalists can inflict on civilizations cannot be understated. The messages of books, like The Wildlands, cannot be overstated. It may not be just be a recruitment piece but also an instruction manual.