NYC Mayor Still Tries To Shut Down Horse Carriages

During 2016, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio sought to shut down horse carriage rides calling the practice inhumane. The result was an explosion of animal rights hoodlums that came out of the woodwork relentlessly seeking to shut them down. Fortunately, de Blasio’s efforts flopped, but it hasn’t stopped the mayor from thinking of other ways to destroy the city’s tiny horse carriage ride industry.

At the end of August, de Blasio announced that the horse carriages will be moved from Central Park South to designated areas inside the park itself, thereby reducing their visibility and accessibility to the public. Worse part about it, The Wall Street Journal reports the horse carriage companies say they were not notified of the changes in advance and unable to give any input.

De Blasio did this through a city Department of Transportation rule change and not legislation like he tried doing the last time and sought to avoid the embarrassment and ridicule he experienced then. The carriage companies will take legal action to stop the zoning changes and, hopefully, they will prevail. Two years ago, the horse carriage companies filmed the harassment of their customers at the hands of animal rights thugs, most likely, done with the knowledge and sanction of de Blasio himself.