German Environmentalists Heighten Violence Against Police, Coal Mining

In Germany, police have been making efforts to clear out environmentalist protesters that have established themselves in tree houses in the Hambach Forest in the western part of the country near Aachen. According to The New York Times, the environmentalists have been there for the past six years as part of an effort to halt mining at a nearby coal mine operated by the energy company RWE.

The Times states in one instance police have had to cut down trees in order to remove almost a dozen protesters. Initially, cops did encounter a barrier environmentalists attempted to set ablaze, stones were even thrown at them and greens even emptied their toilet contents on police below as well. Environmentalists went so far as to attach some explosive devices to RWE trucks too. Police say the violence they’ve seen recently has been worse than what they’ve experienced in the past.

RWE plans on expanding its pit mine to extract lignite which means more parts of the forest must be cleared. Friends of the Earth has filed a lawsuit in a German court seeking to ask that mining be stopped by placing the trees under protected status. If Germany wants to keep its lights on and keep its industrial base going, the mining of coal is needed to make all of this happen.

Environmentalists successfully convinced Germany to dump nuclear energy and fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy. Since that didn’t work, Germany has shifted back to fossil fuels, and the most readily available and abundant resource for them is coal. Fossil fuels are the fuel of life, those who are anti-fossil fuel are anti-human life and its abundantly clear the death of civilization is the reason why they oppose using fossil fuels or nuclear power.