Vegans Vandalize Butcher Shops in North France

Six vegan hoodlums are being held by French police in connection with a series of butcher and fish shops vandalized between the months of May and August.

According to The Local Europe, nine businesses (including a McDonald’s and a cheese shop) in and the surrounding area of lille had windows smashed and anti-meat graffiti spray painted on walls. DNA along with phone records and home searches linked the terrorists to the acts.

These attacks come as the anti-meat and vegan sentiments in France grow while butcher and meat-related businesses have lobbied the French government for increased protection due to attacks like the ones mentioned above took place since January of this year.

The fact that vegan and other human hate groups resort to vandalism goes to show the weakness of their position and veganism is another sect in the religion of environmentalism. Animal rights is nothing nothing more than hatred of humans and terrorists behind this latest campaign are nothing more than a gang of thuggish prudes who seek to make the existence of humans (except themselves) a living hell on Earth. That includes denying people dietary choices not only so humans can live but to have pleasurable dining experiences that involve consuming meat.