Get Ready for Google’s New Green Police

A fascinating opinion piece authored by Cheryl Chumley posted at The Washington Times makes a compelling case that Google’s new Street View Cars will soon be part of a new effort to assist environmentalist groups and left-leaning politicians to add more taxes and regulations all in the name of clamping down on air pollution.

The cars will be fitted with pollution-recording devices from Aclima based out of San Francisco who then patrol the streets of America and Europe. The data, in turn, is then turned over to environmentalist groups and left-leaning politicians and bureaucrats.

This sounds ominous or paranoid, doesn’t it? Well considering, as Chumley points out, a statement released to TechCrunch by Google Earth’s Outreach program manager Karin Tuxen-Bettman said: These measurements can provide cities with new neighborhood-level insights to help cities accelerate efforts in their transition to smarter, healthier cities.

Under the warm, fuzzy, touchy feelyness, what Bettman is really saying is: Get ready! Our Street View cars will be assisting Leftists with making your life miserable with more taxes and regulations. See the below propaganda video from three years ago if you’d like to see for yourself.