Three UK Fracking Trespassers Convicted, Jailed

Three anti-fracking trespassers were convicted and will spend time in jail resulting from a jury verdict. According to BBC, the hooligans climbed on lorries (i.e. motorized land vehicles) at Cuadrilla’s site at Preston New Road near Little Plumpton during July of last year, that lasted less than 100 hours.

During sentencing, the judge said had the circumstances not been in the context of a protest, the sentences would have been much longer. He noted the potential of the trio re-offending as well and the magistrate went on to say:

Each of them remains motivated by unswerving confidence that they are right. Even at their trial they felt justified by their actions.

Given the disruption caused in this case, only immediate custody can achieve sufficient punishment.

The site where Cuadrilla is drilling has been the scene of a number of anti-fracking protests. However, local lawmakers enacted a strong trespassing ban, and the three numbskulls who decided to try to be heroes have the distinction of being the first (ahem) protesters to be jailed because of a no trespassing law in UK history.

Naturally, Greenpeace UK jumped to the trio’s defense but a lot of good that will do. The only thing protesters want isn’t just fracking stopped but oil drilling in general. Fossil fuels are the fuel of life. Those who are anti-fossil fuel are anti-human and its abundantly clear the death of civilization is the reason why the protesters at the Cuadrilla site oppose fracking.