Animal “Rights” Hoodlum Stalked Nevada Bear Biologist

Nevada bear biologist Heather Reich recently obtained a temporary court order against an animal rights thug with the group Bear League named Carolyn Stark for stalking. According to the Reno Gazzette Journal citing court documents, they describe a tense encounter (i.e. argument) between the two women and it apparently speaks to an ongoing feud between the Nevada Department of Wildlife and area animal rights activists about how to best manage the state’s bear population.

The altercation took place during September and was after Reich released a tagged bear on Mt Rose Highway. After Reich and Stark’s argument, Reich alleges that Stark drove her vehicle very aggressively toward Reich’s vehicle and this is one of many times she and other state wildlife employees have encountered intimidating tactics by Bear League members.

Instead of protesting, the Left is resorting to stalking and other intimidation tactics against its opponents in hopes of forcing them to do their bidding. It goes well beyond wildlife management employees too. Just recently, Senator Ted Cruz and his wife were chased out of a Washington DC restaurant, US Representative Dave Bratt had supporters of his opponent show up at his front door and walk around his property, while one of Senator Susan Collins’s female staff was threatened with rape.

No one should be harassed or intimidated because they are doing their job or because of differing political opinions or conclusions. However, in this case, the Bear League and other Leftist groups are making it a point to harass and intimidate their political opponents because they cannot make their case logically or rationally. The hallmark of an illegitimate political or social movement are methods that utilize force or violence and Bear League certainly has earned its stripes in this regard since the animal rights movement isn’t about the humane treatment of animals, but the animalistic treatment of humans. All of this fits into the environmentalist movement’s overall scheme to subject mankind to their will since they believe they are the superior, enlightened human beings who should govern mankind and it will be done by force if necessary.