Animal “Rights” Group Uses Fake Journalists To Push Fake News About Irish Beef Farms

A not so surprising news report by Farm Ireland about a Dutch animal rights group that uses fake journalists to push fake news in the Dutch press about Irish beef farms. Farm Ireland reports:

Claims of welfare abuses on Irish beef farms was reported by a host of Dutch news outlets after an influential animal rights group in the country Wakker Dier made claims of poor animal welfare standards following what it described as ‘undercover research’.

The Group which has almost three million members said that in the winter of 2017 and 2018, an undercover research team visited thirteen Irish farms. On its website it claimed that all thirteen farmers who it says were part of Bord Bia’s Sustainable Beef and Lamb Assurance Scheme (SBLAS) gave permission to enter the farms and take pictures.

However, in its report the group also states that the researchers were given access to the farms with a cover story.

They pretended to be journalists from a Polish newspaper who were investigating the influence of the Brexit in the Irish beef sector.

Among the main criticisms that the group has made is that animals are kept indoors during the winter, usually they say on ‘hard concrete grids’.

It also claimed that many young calves suffer from “uncontrolled castration and dehorning”. Among other things, the group is demanding that castration and slatted floors in sheds be prohibited.

“Irish beef has an animal-friendly image of grazing cattle on green meadows. But that is in the summer. In winter, these animals can really have a rotten life, ” stated Valeska Hovener from Wakker Dier.

False reporting like this in turn, not only affects their profitability and results in job loses but also affects the availability of meat for Dutch citizens and potentially Europeans as a whole to consume. But, then again, that is the overall point.

Animal rights groups seek to push people to embrace vegan diets but, in reality, want to diminish the food supply for people to kill humans off. This is abundantly made clear by PETA head Ingird Newkirk who at one point remarked humans are a cancer on the face of the Earth.