California to Regulate Cow Farts to Fight Climate Change

You can’t make this stuff up. California is the first state to regulate cow farts to fight climate change. The Golden State passed legislation four months ago that will regulate greenhouse gas emissions from farms and landfills, including cow flatulence, which is alleged to be a major source of methane and stronger greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. According to the Associated Press:

“If we can reduce emissions of methane, we can really help to slow global warming,” said Ryan McCarthy, a science adviser for the California Air Resources Board, which is drawing up rules to implement the new law.

Livestock are responsible for 14.5 percent of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, with beef and dairy production accounting for the bulk of it, according to a 2013 United Nations report.

Since the passage of its landmark global warming law in 2006, California has been reducing carbon emissions from cars, trucks, homes and factories, while boosting production of renewable energy.

In the nation’s largest milk-producing state, the new law aims to reduce methane emissions from dairies and livestock operations to 40 percent below 2013 levels by 2030, McCarthy said. State officials are developing the regulations, which take effect in 2024.

The only result of such action are the eventual rules that will increase the cost of dairy products like milk. Worst of all, and environmentalists probably are gleeful at this prospect, California recently enacted new overtime rules too that can force many dairies to shut down too. The way in which cow’s methane emissions will be curtailed is by adding dried seaweed to their food which is said to reduce a cow’s methane emissions by nearly 100 percent.

Consequently, seaweed production will go up and there is no way to tell how much seaweed prices will go up as a result. However, those of you who like to eat sushi, or have seaweed as a part of your diet, expect to pay more thanks to California’s insane effort to clamp down on cow farts.