Climate Disorder

Minnesota has just shut down a dairy farm because they are concerned about greenhouse gas emissions. In this video, Tony Heller discusses the end game of shutting down the food and energy supply to 350 million people.

The Methane Big Lie

In this video, Tony Heller takes on Potholer’s unsupportable claims about methane, and Heller explains why the United Nations is trying to demonize this harmless trace gas. Here are his references.

California to Regulate Cow Farts to Fight Climate Change

You can’t make this stuff up. California is the first state to regulate cow farts to fight climate change. The Golden State passed legislation four months ago that will regulate greenhouse gas emissions from farms and landfills, including cow flatulence, which is alleged to be a major source of methane and stronger greenhouse gas than…

Study: No Evidence Of Natural Gas Fracking Pollution in OH Drinking Water

A study published Friday in the journal Environmental Monitoring and Assessment authored by Geologists with the University of Cincinnati reveals no evidence of natural gas contamination in Ohio drinking water from counties where recent oil and gas drilling took place due to their proximity to the Utica Shale formation. According to Science Codex, the scientists…

California makes big stink over cow farts

Shortly before the end of its legislative session Wednesday, California’s legislature passed a new law on the latest threat to Earth’s climate: cow farts. According to KCBS, the new rules (which are expected to be signed into law) were passed in an effort to reduce cow methane emissions from the animal’s manure 40 percent below…