Three Aussie Animal “Rights” Thieves Charged With Stealing Farm Animals

Three women active in an animal rights group in Yarragon, Victoria, Australia have been charged in connection with the theft of farm animals. While police are expected to make more arrests, according to the Daily Mail, the animals were stolen three days before Christmas from the Gippy Goat Café in which the entire event was caught on surveillance video.

The hoodlums were caught on camera loading the animals in the back of a car and then drove off with them. The footage was then uploaded to social media and police state the video has been very helpful in capturing the thieves.

While two of the four missing animals have been recovered, the women refuse to disclose the whereabouts of the remaining kid and doe. One of the women stated they stole the animals to draw attention to the fact that the animals were being mistreated (which the Gippy Goat Café strongly denies) and that they wanted a better world where animals will be treated with respect and dignity.

However, such respect and dignity will not be extended to humans, especially when it comes to their property rights and ownership of animals. What separates humans from animals is our ability to think and reason and the hooligans involved in this criminal activity could have easily asked the owners about how they care for their lambs and goats. If they did, they would have seen all of the farm animals are well cared for.

Fortunately, these idiots were stupid enough to get caught and, hopefully, will spend some time in jail and compensate the farm owner for their theft. Animal rights thugs continue to show the kind of nihilists they are. Actions like this are done in hopes of undermining farms and other food-related establishments that will lead to more human deaths by hunger and starvation down the line.