The Anti-GMO Movement’s Mafia-Like Tactics?

Investigative reporter Kevin Mooney has a column with the Washington Examiner blasting the strong-arm tactics of the Non-GMO Project.

Mooney equates their methods with the mafia and if a food producer don’t do as they are told, the manufacturer will be on the receiving end of a marketing campaign to ruin their reputation and slander their products. While the premise of his essay is harrowing, unfortunately, it is lacking in any examples of victims of the Non-GMO Project’s venom and specific advice as to how food producers can defend themselves aside from calling on them to unite in opposition.

None the less, Mooney is correct that GMO’s are completely safe and that the Non_GMO Project is reckless in promoting fear of bio technological foods and employing intimidation tactics to companies who do not give in to their demands. Tactics similar to those employed by environmentalist groups. Slander campaigns conducted by environmentalists against GMO manufacturing companies, like Monsanto, is as much an assault on the human food supply as much as it is grounded in environmentalist’s hatred not only of science but also human life.

Diminish the respectability of science in the field of genetic modification of foods, then the reduced manufacture and then use of GMO’s occurs. This, in turn, results in more hunger and reduced nutrition available for humans. The end result is fewer people mostly accomplished by starvation, and that is exactly what environmentalist organizations want.