Animal “Rights” Activists Seek to End More Than Bullfighting In Spain

The Epoch Times has a very good write up contrasting the two sides in the controversy surrounding bullfighting in Spain. An activist named Virginia Ruiz was profiled where she jumped into a bullfighting ring attempting to prevent a bull from being killed during an event.

While some admired her courage, her feat angered many others. A number of local and regional governments have tried to suppress bullfighting by eliminating classes for it in local schools and banned the practice altogether, thankfully, there has been push back by the bullfighting lobby.

The Epoch Times states Spain’s Constitutional Court has struck down some of the bans and the Right-wing, pro-bullfighting political party, Vox, has made gains in regional elections in which they will seek to undo the anti-bullfighting policies instituted by the socialists that has lead to the decline in bullfights.

The Epoch Times article details the debate going on in the country where regionals are more urban and have more concern for animals, as opposed to the popularity of bullfighters, like Cayetano Rivera and José Tomás, who are still very popular with Spaniards.

Bullfighting is a part of Spanish culture since the 8th century and, to this day, is still important to many people in Spain. Ultimately, animal rights is another means for a group of prudes to justify forcing others to do their bidding. They care nothing for the people put out of work resulting from their outlawing bullfighting and this is one more manner of enjoyment animal rights thugs seek to outlaw by destroying Spanish culture (and civilization itself) since they hate the idea of humans getting entertained at the expense of animals.