Environmentalists Oppose Hawaiian Wind Farm

Environmentalists are heightening their criticism of a planned wind farm on Oahu, Hawaii.

According to Hawaii New Now, the Palehua Wind project will be a 2000 acre wind farm in the Makakilo hills and will allegedly provide enough electricity to power over 20,000 homes that cost much less than power plants that rely on fossil fuels.

Environmentalists and community leaders opposed to the Palehua project won’t have it. They allege that the wind turbines will result in bird deaths, be a blight on scenery and only use half of the wind turbines available like a prior wind power project does.

While there is still some time before the project is approved, the fact that environmentalists oppose this wind farm is very telling. This is a renewable energy project geared to take Hawaii off of using fossil fuel-powered plants, but environmentalists are opposed to wind farm.

Environmentalists only suggest renewable energy as a tactical talking point since, in reality, their ultimate aim is to undermine all forms of fossil fuel use for power, thereby shutting down all modern civilization, resulting in mankind being driven to a new Dark Ages. It is primitivism environmentalists revere and seek to drag mankind back to a Paleo Era setting as part of their campaign to sacrifice mankind on the altar of their Earth mother goddess, Gaia.