Kids Are Defying Anti-Vaxxer Parents, Getting Immunized

Teenagers are disobeying their parents who are hostile to vaccines and seeking to be immunized. The Washington Post reports of three teenagers who sought information on how to get vaccinated from chat-oriented forums, like Reddit.

One such individual is 18-year-old Ethan Lindenberger from Norwalk, Ohio. According to WaPo, upon getting information on Reddit on where to go to be immunized, during mid-December he arrived at an Ohio Health Department office in Norwalk and received a cocktail of hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza and HPV.

Unfortunately, Ohio is one of many states that allows parents the ability to op-out of vaccinations. Thankfully, Ethan Lindenberger did his own research and got himself immunized. He told WaPo that he has seen growing discussions among teenagers who want to make their own health choices and get vaccinated.

Ethan Lindenberger’s situation is not unique. He was raised in a home where his parents forbade him to be immunized and (most likely) he was given information from anti-vaccine groups by his parents that they took as Gospel. Ethan’s mother, as it turns out, is an anti-vaccine activist named Jill Wheeler. Upon reaching 18, with a measles outbreak taking place, and on the advice of a minister, fortunately, Ethan got immunized.

Ethan’s example is one of many of children who reject their parent’s political beliefs. A study published in the British Journal of Political Science during 2014 points out that children of parents who insist their kids adopt their political views partially or entirely reject them upon becoming adults. That is what happened with Ethan Lindenberger and a measles outbreak is a good reason to disobey one’s parents.