Animal “Rights” Activist Supports Bear Attacks Against Humans

Arm The Bears leader Catherine McCartney of Vernon, New Jersey and two other defendants could spend 15 days jail for freeing a trapped young bear. According to NJ.Com, McCartney claims the bear was crying and she took it upon herself to let the bear go.

McCartney claims that she made a moral decision to let the bear go so it could go back to its mother. Sounds real noble, right? Not exactly. As it turns out, the traps were set up by NJ DEP in response to residents being charged by bears in the area. McCartney herself also has a history of being arrested at bear hunt protests three other times before this incident occurred.

Instead of acknowledging that the humans should not be attacked by bears, in a statement she delivered to the court, McCartney chose to blame unsecured dumpsters instead. In her mind, humans have no right to defend themselves and there is no indication she felt or feels any remorse for the people in question who were attacked by bears.

However, it is what Catherine McCartney does not say which is very instructive. Until clarified by her, it should be assumed that her freeing of the bear was not out of compassion but done in hopes that more bear attacks against human beings occur.

A blog post McCartney authored two years ago on her group’s website that eerily describes the incident for which she is accused and is one of many that demonstrates no compassion on her part for human life. Her first blog post expresses a creepy desire to arm bears so they can shoot back against hunters out of some strange desire for the animals to defend themselves.

In reality, what people (like Catherine McCartney) and animal rights thugs or environmentalist groups want is for people to be subjected to more animal attacks resulting from increased animal populations. This would also help get rid of what gang green sees as the root cause of Earth’s problems: mankind itself.