Aussie Vegan Hoodlum Charged After Pig Farm Attack

An animal rights thug named James Warden who filmed himself inside a West Australia pig farm last Sunday has been charged with trespassing and possessing a weapon resulting from two prior incidents.

According to WA Today, Warden live streamed himself inside another pig farm located in Pinjarra the prior Friday, and two weeks before that he was involved in a confrontation with a Perth dairy farmer where he issued death threats.

While the WA Farmers Federation is educating farmers on what to say and do in incidents involving confrontations with aggressive animal rights supporters, the Australian government states the amount of incidents has gone up in which they involve hoodlums conducting intimidation, bullying or threats.

The reverence people like James Warden have for animals even to the point of religiosity is the reason why the animal rights punks became violent. Since they value animal lives over humans they care little about human life as Australian pig farmers are finding found out. Below is an Australian news cast about the increased farmer attacks.

PHOTO CREDIT: A training material piece from an FBI presentation on domestic terrorism training posted at the Animal Liberation Front’s website.