PETA Wants Virginians to Contract Rabies

The Washington Post published a very interesting article about a law in Virginia that was recently repealed this month in Virginia that used to force raccoon hunters to not hunt the animals with dogs on Sundays. It was a statute that was enacted among the Virginia’s blue laws that prohibited the consumption of alcohol and participating in gambling.

The Post describes an excursion raccoon hunter Glenn Cogle and his four year old coonhound, Storm. While Cogle also hunts bobcats and wild turkeys, the benefit he gets from hunting raccoon isn’t just consuming their meat and selling their pelts, but also the companionship with Storm. Keeping the raccoon population in check, according to Cogle, means more wild turkeys available to hunt when they are in season.

However, leave it to PETA to side with the raccoon who are notorious carriers of rabies. PETA senior media liason Catie Cryar interviewed by The Post said: The last thing that we need in a society wracked by violence is for yet another day of the week to be allotted for people who enjoy killing to go out into the woods and destroy animal families.

PETA clearly does not care about the risk posed to locals of raccoons infected with rabies coming into contact with humans and other animals that can attack people. Then again, taking into account their sick and perverted logic, that is exactly what they want since PETA would rather see humans (other than them) suffer and die rather than live and prosper.

PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia.