RFK, Jr. Whines He No Longer Has Access to President Trump

Poor Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. Not only is he a notorious environmentalist, he is also opposed to vaccines in true environmentalist form. He really thought he had a comrade in Donald Trump when the he made numerous statements questioning the effectiveness of vaccines while he was campaigning for President and Trump even asked Kennedy to head a panel he wanted to create to investigate vaccine safety.

Now, almost a year later, The Daily Beast reports Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is whining he no longer has access to the President and Kennedy is accusing the Trump of staffing the Centers for Disease Control with people who are pro-vaccine. However, what Kennedy fails to mention is that the panel was sacked due to a public outcry.

Keeping all of this in mind, Kennedy still wonders why Trump won’t talk to him anymore? Does Kennedy really think the President will put his and other children at risk by questioning the science of vaccines when so many studies have been done debunking the notion vaccines cause autism? Credit should be given where it is due, at least RFK, Jr. is consistent in his seeking to kill off human beings. He wants to make their lives miserable by ridding them of their means of prospering that is accomplished with fossil fuels and then killing people off with contagious diseases.

Never forget that the anti-vaccine movement is an environmentalist front that seeks to kill off humans by infecting people with diseases (like measles or small pox) so people can die slow, painful deaths. Undermining vaccines by lying about them, falsely claiming they cause autism in children undermines legitimate medical science and can accomplish their goal of human extermination a lot quicker.