CDC: Largest Measles Outbreak in US Since Year 2000, UCLA Expands Quarantines

The Centers for Disease Control has reported that almost 700 measles cases have been reported in 22 states and, according to NPR, is the largest amount of cases nationwide since 2000 when the disease was declared beaten.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar was quoted by NPR as saying measles outbreaks are avoidable if people would vaccinate their kids. Unfortunately, the disease is spread by unvaccinated people from places such as Europe and if a community is under-vaccinated they are not only vulnerable to infection but measles can gain a sustained foothold in the U.S.

Fortunately, in light of the news about the measles outbreak, even President Trump is openly advocating people get vaccinated. Unfortunately, as the below PBS report shows, the outbreaks have gotten so bad that the University of California Los Angeles is expanding a quarantine action for students and faculty who cannot verify or prove they have gotten their measles shots.

Never forget that the anti-vaccine organizations are environmentalist fronts that seek to kill off humans by infecting people with diseases (like measles or small pox) so people can die slow, painful deaths. Undermining vaccines by lying about them undermines legitimate medical science and helps accomplish human extermination a lot faster.

PHOTO CREDIT: By CDC Global – Measles is no joke, CC BY 2.0,