Al Gore’s Green Activist Group Demands TV Networks Push “Climate Crisis”

By Jennifer Harper – The Washington Times – Saturday, May 4, 2019

The Climate Reality Project, an activist group founded by Al Gore in 2006, is now demanding that major broadcast news organizations refer to climate change as a “crisis” — and have launched a public petition to entreat ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News and MSNBC to change their ways.

“When stronger storms and hotter wildfires leave millions homeless, it’s a crisis. When runaway global warming threatens our food and water, it’s a crisis. When our kids walk out of school because their future is at stake, it’s a crisis. But the coverage we see on television doesn’t match the reality outside our windows,” the organization says in a public outreach.

They claim that “less than 4% of news segments” categorize climate matters as a crisis or emergency. The group wants the networks to categorize such factors as weather events and temperature as an “urgent, existential threat,” among other things.

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