Vegan Activists’ ‘Meat-Shaming’ Stunt Angers Australians

Vegan activists have gone the extra mile to shame meat-eaters in one outer Melbourne suburb but some say they gone too far.

05/05/2019 – Adrianna Zappavigna –

Shoppers at a Woolworths in Melbourne’s St Helena copped a nasty surprise when they made their way to the meat, seafood and deli section.

Stickers were slapped over packets of Primo thinly sliced chicken and other meat/dairy products yesterday, in a bid to discourage shoppers from buying them.

“Warning: this package contains the dead body of someone who wanted to live,” the stickers read.

The stickers caused a stir on social media, especially among meat-eaters.

Some said the stickers had taken things too far.

The full story can be read here.

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