Study: Children Can Be Used To “Convince” Parents About Climate Change

As if trying to indoctrinate children with environmentalist camps and fiction isn’t enough, a new study released by scientists at North Carolina State University shows how children can be utilized to try to convince parents about so-called man-made climate change. ARS Technica points out:

“A team of researchers led by North Carolina State University’s Danielle Lawson set out to test how kids affect their parents’ opinions by bringing what they learn home. The researchers recruited middle school teachers in coastal North Carolina, assigning some to try out a specific climate change lesson plan and using the rest as a control group for comparison. In total, about 200 families went through the experimental curriculum, with about 100 kids in the control group taking unchanged classes.

The experimental curriculum consisted of four class activities teaching students about the difference between weather and climate and how climate change impacts the species around them. They then participated in a relevant local community project. This experience was designed to fulfill education standards but also to be similar to other lesson plans in which novel experiences have been shown to get kids talking at home, resulting in parental attitude changes. To that end, the kids were also given an assignment to interview their parents about their perceptions of changes in the local weather.

All of the students and parents filled out surveys assessing their opinions on climate change and whether their family had discussed the topic. The results showed that, unsurprisingly, the experience increased the students’ concern about climate change. But it also had an effect on their parents. There were significant increases in parental concern about the topic—particularly among the demographics that started out least concerned.”

You can read the article here. According to ARS Technica, girls tended to have a higher level of concern about climate change than boys and demonstrated to be more persuasive. Former South Carolina Representative Bob Ingliss was pointed to as an example of how kids can successfully change parent’s minds as he changed his position on climate change after having discussions with his children.

The dirty little secret about this research is that it is outlining how indoctrinated children can undermine the rational side of their parent’s brain in favor of the emotional. This manuscript is nothing more than an attempt to use the vehicle of science to obliterate a person’s ability to think and reason for themselves. Critical thinking involves using one’s mind to make decisions.

Even in terms of science, a scientist forms a hypothesis and then tests his theory against evidence and comes to a conclusion. This is how critical thinking is conducted but, like the environmentalist movement and authors of this study, they are obviously against any such a notion. What would be the next step if the parent told the child they didn’t want to discuss it? Report the parent to the authorities and charge them with climate denial? It is not out of the realm of possibility with such notable campaigns like the No Pressure campaign (reduce your carbon footprint or die).