Democrats Lead Anti-Industry Rally in DC

An environmentalist nationwide tour wrapped up in Washington DC and a rally was held to make the case for the Green New Deal. According to The Daily Caller, the event was sponsored by the Sunrise Movement whose leader had to take the time to lay guilt on the audience furthering the racist lie that America was built on stolen Indian land. Other event speakers took up other typical Leftist causes, like Black Lives (Don’t) Matter, not related to climate change.

The rally was attended by high-profile Democrats Vermont Senator and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Alexandra Occasional Cortex … er … Ocasio-Cortez, and Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts and was a cesspool of Leftist virtue signalling with each speaker trying to out-Left themselves, virtue signalling at every opportunity.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez took time to make the case for a hard-line on climate change as an obvious shot across the bow to front-runner former Vice President Joe Biden. However, it is hard to take AOC seriously due to her back-tracking on the climate change.

One thing was abundantly clear. The rally wasn’t to make the case for the Green New Deal but for destroying America’s industry by eradicating fossil fuels which is the basis of civilization overall.