Animal “Rights” Hoodlums Harass Customers at UK Restaurant

BySean Doherty 12:13, 26 MAY 2019 – KentLive

Animal rights activists stormed a Nando’s in protest against “unnecessary abuse” inflicted on chickens.

The protestors who raise awareness under the Occupy Nando’s movement, entered the branch in Westwood Cross, Thanet, last night (May 25).

They claim the animals face abuse at the hands of farm workers after the release of footage showing workers intentionally stamping on and kicking chickens.

The video was shown by Surge Activism and Animal Equality UK which they allege was taken at a farm which supplies Nando’s chains.


NOTE: the videos the thugs used to try to gross out or make Nando customers angry were, most likely, edited, staged or used at a facility not related to the company itself.