Animal Rights Extremists: Terrorism vs. Protest

During February, Vice News released a very good and revealing documentary about the animal rights terrorist group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE). At first it seems to be favorable to DxE, but (fortunately) the reporter and producers of the film seem to have done their best to be even handed in their presentation. The events surrounding DxE’s activity involve their trespass and theft of chickens at a Petaluma, California poultry farm.

Ultimately, what counts is the interview with the poultry farm owner. Despite the changes made to some of their procedures resulting from what DxE did, he still has fear that they will be back and the hoodlums are still terrorizing Sonoma County farmers. As DxE’s leader Wayne Hsiung implies, their mission is to get animals legal recognition the same as humans to not only stop using animals for food but also to destroy the meat and dairy industry built around it.