‘Arthritic’ benefits cheat caught after she chained herself to equipment at fracking protest

By Andy Jehring 15 Jun 2019 The Sun

A FRACKING protester clambered on equipment and shackled herself down – while illegally claiming thousands on one of the highest level of disability benefit.

Catherine Jackson, 51, said she could barely stand due to arthritis and rarely left the house due to panic attacks despite attending the rally against the Cuadrilla plant.

She was photographed at the Little Plumpton site in Lancashire shackled to equipment during a protest against fracking and police were forced to use angle grinders to release her.

The protester pocketed £5,392 of Personal Independence Payments between June 2017 and May 2018.

She told authorities she slept most of the days, was in constant agony and had to be woken for meals by her daughter.

The mum said she had arthritis and claimed the extreme pain in her shoulder meant she couldn’t hold anything so couldn’t cook for herself.

But she was photographed shackled to equipment in “physically demanding protests” that “would be challenging for most people”.