The Implication and Symbolism of a House Made of Recycled Bottles

Popular Mechanics published an article yesterday highlighting a house built in Canada made of recycled plastic bottles. There is undoubtedly a housing shortage and building homes with less expensive materials is the way to hold down costs for both builders and buyers. But the reason why housing prices are increasing is largely due to government intervention and not the marketplace.

None the less, while the home maybe an anomaly, the PM article has another implication that is concerning. Not only can the house be used to make the case for reviving recycling (which, thankfully, is on the decline), ultimately, it is better or heroic to live in a home made of trash rather than made of standard building materials such as stucco, brick, or wood.

It also didn’t help that Western countries, like Canada, convinced Asian countries, like India and the Philippines, to accept their trash as part of recycling efforts. In effect, Asia became the West’s dumping ground. That explains the high amounts of garbage ending up in the ocean and that region of the world is where most of the plastic ends up.

PHOTO CREDIT: A greater painted-snipe in a small, polluted pond in outskirts of Bangalore city, India – By T. R. Shankar Raman – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,