The Tyranny of “Local Control”

The purpose of written constitutions (such as the United State Constitution and the constitutions of America’s respective states) is the protection of individual rights. One argument the Right uses on occasion to make their case for certain policies is the concept of local control. It is grounded in the basis that local municipalities and communities know what is best and decision making on political matters should be done at the lowest level.

In many ways, the concept of local control works very well and is a true and factual statement since centralizing decision making on certain political matters is not always best and, in many cases, does not work. However, environmentalists and other Left-wing groups are now using the term local control to make the case for restrictions on commercial activities in order to ultimately destroy them. The Left’s most recent attempt at this is making the case to restrict or ban hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) and, most likely, junk science is being utilized to support their claims as well.

The Denver Leftist tabloid, Westworld, lists eight Colorado municipalities who are or on the verge of restricting, outright banning fracking or (fortunately) allowing it to go forward. All of this is the result of the Colorado’s government approving Senate Bill 181 that now allows state cities and counties to regulate oil and gas production within their jurisdiction.

Local control of decision making is fine if it does not result in policies that result in threats or hazards that are detrimental to the lives or rights of others. For example, Jim Crow laws are an example of local control. Most recently, cities in California (such as Los Angeles and San Francisco) are allowing homeless people and drug addicts to reside on city streets which has resulted in numerous health hazards.

In the case of Senate Bill 181, it is based on the idea that a majority has the right to take away the rights of a minority. Colorado residents will now have to contend with a patchwork of cities and counties that will allow or prohibit hydraulic fracturing. The political Left in Colorado (not surprisingly) twisted the local control concept in order to justify their elitist tyranny so as to destroy oil and gas production in the state. Consequently, it will result the loss of hundreds of jobs and people’s lives will be ruined while Colorado’s overall quality of life is diminished.