Animal activists’ ‘rescue’ of caged bird goes horribly wrong

Two animal activists thought they were doing the world a favour by sneaking into a home and releasing a caged bird. But it ended in disaster.

By Ben Graham,

A seasoned veterinary nurse has hit out at the “despicable” actions of two animal rights activists who snuck into her mother’s home to “rescue” a caged bird — which was then fatally mauled by a cat.

Georgia Rowe, a Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service volunteer from Mosman on Sydney’s north shore, wrote a lengthy post for the Mosman Daily Facebook page saying she had been in the UK visiting “old and unwell relatives” when the pair struck.

She wrote that on Saturday, at about 9.30am, the pair — a young woman and a man, according to a neighbour’s description — entered the home via two locked gates.

It was then that the activists stole her non-releasable rescue rainbow lorikeet from his outdoor cage in a back courtyard.


PHOTO CREDIT: Rainbow Lorikeet – By Andrew Mercer ( – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,