Animal “Rights” Activists Help Sack Animal Protection Ordinance

Kingman, Arizona proposes a new ordinance to protect the use of animals on Mohave County Fairgrounds. Shortly after it is proposed, the legislation is tabled resulting from the passionate extremes of groups such as animal rights activists many of whom were, not surprisingly, located outside of Kingman.

Consequently, animals will go on being used on the fairgrounds in entertainment settings, like circuses. Great job!

“Kingman mayor withdraws animal ordinance, faults “passionate” extremists”
Mohave Valley Daily News

“A controversial resolution that would have imposed restrictions for circuses and other shows featuring potentially dangerous exotic wild animals such as bears and elephants was not heard during Tuesday’s Kingman City Council meeting.

Mayor Jen Miles withdrew the measure, saying council members endured a backlash from passionate factions — defenders of such performances on one end of the spectrum and animal rights activists on the other.

“The Mohave County Fairgrounds was quite effective in churning public anger with allegations designed to create mistrust of the city and of me in particular as mayor, in the actions I’m taking,” Miles said. “And the animal welfare advocates, many located outside of Kingman, weighed in to expand the agenda and seek additional welfare actions. The extremes expressed are passionate.””


PHOTO CREDIT: – Elephants in a circus presentation – By Usien – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,