Canadian Animal “Rights” Group Seeks to Undermine Rule of Law

The Canadian animal rights group, Canadians for Animal Protection, is trying an underhanded method to give rights for animals. The organization’s attorneys are attempting to open the window to give standing to their activists willing to speak on behalf of animals or acting as plaintiffs on animal’s behalf in legal settings. If they win. it would give groups, like Canadians for Animal Protection, to literally becoming vigilantes, enforcing criminal statutes at their whims.

“Activists should be allowed to speak on behalf of animals in court, lawyer argues” THE CANADIAN PRESS Updated: July 28, 2019

“TORONTO — A retired Toronto lawyer has gone to court in a bid to secure the right for advocates to speak up on behalf of animals in legal settings.

The case began earlier this year when Sandra Schnurr filed a notice of application against five retail giants selling glue traps, or devices commonly used to catch rodents.

Schnurr argued that the traps subject mice and rats to agonizing, prolonged deaths and filed an application seeking to ban Canadian Tire, Walmart, Home Depot, Home Hardware and Lowe’s from selling them.

The retailers, in turn, filed a motion to dismiss Schnurr’s complaint on the grounds that she did not have standing to bring such a matter before the courts.

But Schnurr argued that the rules surrounding who has the right to speak on various legal issues have been relaxing and animal rights advocates should be permitted a voice in Canada’s courtrooms.