Australian XR Terrorist Fined For Attaching Herself to Concrete Barrel, Holding Up Railways

A terrorist with the climate terrorist group Extinction Rebellion (XR) named Alice Wicks, 26, has plead guilty and fined $61,000(AUS) for attaching herself to a barrel of concrete. In addition to her actions holding up railway traffic near Port of Brisbane, Australia for up to five hours, she put her life in danger in the process as she had to be treated for hypothermia. This is what environmentalists are all about: Shutting down all industrial production so our civilization comes to a screeching halt.

“Climate change protester is fined $61,000 after attaching herself to a barrel filled with concrete, shutting down a railway for hours” By SAHIL MAKKAR FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA

“A climate change activist has been handed down a whopping $61,000 fine after attaching herself to a 500 kilogram oil drum, obstructing railway services for hours.

Brisbane protester Alice Wicks, 26, blocked all coal trains heading to the Port of Brisbane for five hours during a protest in Wynnum West on April 19.

The drum was weighed down with concrete, and she was pictured squatting next to it, her hand appearing to be inside.

A banner behind her read: ‘STAND in the way of EXTINCTION’.

Ms. Wicks’s actions temporarily shut down the railway line, and she after she was released from the barrel, she was rushed to hospital suffering hypothermia.”