Piers Morgan Argues With Trophy-Hunting 12-Year-Old Girl And Her Father

Earlier this month 12-year-old trophy hunter Aryanna Gourdin was interviewed on Good Morning Britain. She was the subject of controversy for posting photos of game Aryanna successfully hunted during an African safari on social media.

Upon posting the photographs, Aryanna received death threats and been called a murderer by animal rights activists.

Notice how Piers Morgan grills Aryanna for liking to hunt along with the taste of the meat of game she kills. The 12-year old girl stands her ground and also gets some help from her father. The father and daughter also point out, much to the show host’s chagrin, that the meat from the giraffe they killed went to feed several hundred local orphan children.

Notice the condascending attitude Morgan takes to the father as if to accuse Aryanna’s dad as intentionally putting his daughter’s life at risk and to imply an element of sadism involved in hunting.